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  • Consultation & Design
With more than a decade in the communications and TV industry we design turnkey systems that will exceed your expectations while still meeting your budget requirements. Our project definition templates detail the needs and steps needed to complete complex projects from start to finish and make designing your dream system a simple reality.
  • System Integration
Once a project has been defined - We handle it from there. We will schedule, install and configure every component to deliver an integrated solution designed to satisfy each project goal.
  • Customized Hardware
We provide reliable, high performance computer hardware, custom designed to provide maximum video quality and up-time year after year on 24/7 schedules. The Media Players, Designer systems, and Content Management server systems we install are typically delivered with three year on-site warranties.
  • Software Development
We provide total integration of custom written and off the shelf software that will work the first time. Integrating external data sources with our signage solutions has allowed us to provide a variety of elegant display solutions. Just about any source of information can be integrated including; CMS phone systems, databases, spreadsheets, web-based information and RSS feeds.
  • Training
We have certified trainers and custom written manuals to get you going. Comprehensive training for users tasked with creating and deploying content, system administrators, and support personnel each can receive dedicated training best suited for their project responsibilities
  • Installation
We provide installation of all equipment at your location. The installation schedule is flexible and based on your convenience.
  • Support
We provide comprehensive support for the every system we deliver. Once you are "up and running" our on-going support typically includes unlimited annual phone and internet-based support. Optionally we can provide renewable software maintenance support, extended hardware warranties and 24/7 support with guaranteed service response options specified in our Master Services Agreement document.
  • Creative Services
Our creative gurus can provide for all of your needs. From custom backgrounds and graphics to fully digitized MPEG video, we provide custom scripts to you. These services are available on a one time, monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly basis.
  • Video Equipment
From tape decks to equipment rack cabinets we can provide it all. Our partnerships with leaders in the digital signage and video industry allow us to bring any available equipment needed to our clients.
  • Upgrades
We continue to provide all of the major and minor upgrades from our vendors. Everything from a service patch to a major new release will be made available to our clients through our continuing support programs.