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Rocket Media Systems Call Center System - CallVUE allows call center management teams to communicate company wide messages to all employees easily, passively, and effectively. Everyone can be assured of getting the same message and distribution of the message is virtually instantaneous.

Forget those expensive and very limited "unreadable" reader boards, the unopened e-mail, and the discarded memos. Open the communication corridor with monitors located in strategic locations, and establish truly effective communication.

Seamlessly integrate our monitor information system with the phone system and, display in "real-time", call volume, call waiting, and staffing information to maximize staffing and customer service needs.

Additionally, meeting notifications, video based announcements, general corporate information, procedures, stocks, weather, outages, and emergency notifications, are all updated and played on a 24/7 schedule with virtually no demand to existing network bandwidth.

Rocket Media Systems Corporate Communications System provides a complete information solution for whatever the communication needs of your company are.

We can provide interactive kiosks in your lobby, internal cable TV information stations, and deliver dynamic multimedia based messages to the desktop, using web-based and multi-cast IP solutions. We provide the design, the hardware, software, installation, training, creative services, and support for the entire system.

Some of the communication possibilities include selling new products internally, educating the workforce on process and safety, helping to inspire employees with company mission messages and providing a dynamic platform for the CEO to illustrate "the vision".

Additionally, the system can display company stock information, and news headlines. It can instantly display production and data-driven statistics, update employees on schedules for training, meetings and holidays. The system can also be used to welcome VIP's in the lobby and board room. It can be used to help stop the spread of rumors, offer procedures and instructions during crisis situations, advertise job postings to qualified individuals, promote company newsletters, offer intranet based resources, direct employees to support related information, distribute electronic marketing and sales presentations, build morale with jokes, trivia, birthdays, and awards, The list of possible uses for this system is virtually endless!

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Rocket Media Systems Cruise Ship Systems Provide the capability to communicate timely, and location specific information throughout cruise ships. This information can include but is not limited to travel information, ship information, event schedules, retail promotions, dining menus, area specific information, emergency information, and provides editable templates for local users as well as optional external news and weather feeds. The system has the capability to integrate RSS content and can provide instant playlist and content updates for security and emergency notifications using "Triggers". Meeting room schedules can be presented by integrating with the schedule database and the system can also provide interactive kiosk functionality.

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Rocket Media Systems Casino Gaming Systems
Our systems can be managed locally by your staff or remotely by our experienced content management team. We provide complete support and help desk services that allow you to manage your content and customize your message at a level that is best for your staff. You can even use, our Web based content tool, to update systems from anywhere using the Internet. Remote monitoring and diagnosis allow us to monitor your systems and fix them without sending a technician onsite. Round the clock help desk support plans are also available.

Rocket Media Systems Community Cable System empowers you to easily broadcast virtually any content to your citizen audience. These broadcast messages are easy to read and very effective.

Break the notion of boring community access television. Our system allows you to play and control tape decks or digital video as well as provide visually stimulating content such as city council meetings, agendas, weather, events, announcements, advertising, awards, sports, emergency notifications, and television schedules.

You can create community bulletin boards, photo advertising channels, channel guide listings, news and weather, community and city announcements, school closing/weather alerts, and local sports team scores.

Scripts can include machine control of professional video playback and record decks, laser disk, audio equipment, and automated weather stations. The control of this equipment can be scheduled in a very flexible manner.

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Rocket Media Systems Educational Communications Solution provides for a total in-school experience.

We offer complete in-school TV broadcast systems. Distribute information replete with multimedia content to classrooms, and even provide complete programming district wide. The combination of computer based information and video technology that are part of these solutions insure a flexible, expandable, and easy to use system for any size school.

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Rocket Media Systems Dynamic Signage Venue System provides any sports or entertainment venue with the clearest and most efficient communication and marketing tool available.

The system provides DYNAMIC SIGNAGE as a basis for multiple applications. These applications can include signage for concessions, attendee information, sales and marketing information and information targeted directly to the luxury suite client.

Traditionally, retail signage materials are created by a central office or advertising agency and sent to regional locations. This process can take days or weeks and relies on coordination between the central office and the local stores. Now, multimedia-based advertising and information can be delivered via broadband networks to TV monitors, plasma screens, video walls or kiosks.

Some other purposes include retail store advertising, bank queuing and promotional programs, airport, and train station signage, hotel displays, in-room channels, stadium advertising, museum exhibits, restaurant menu boards, and movie theater trailers and showing times.